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Summer, appointments and extras

Whoa! May went by fast working with other stuff and trying to get more sleep. Fortunately, there was also time for a short incall in Helsinki. All the customers were sooooo nice. In June, in exactly two weeks to be exact, I will spend a couple of days in Tampere and the next week in Turku (for the first time!). Since last autumn, the goal of the incalls has always been the same: at least one regular, one facefuck and a profit target proportional to the price of accommodation. There was one time I only met new clients and other where there was no throatfucking, but otherwise the gigs have been so much fun that it is really annoying that there is not so much time for it. I dream of travelling to Kuopio and/or Oulu in August. But let's go over a few basic things! Appointments booked with me usually last 30-120 minutes. Usually an hour or hour and a half is the maximum time with a new client. There are always exceptions though. I only agree to an overnight meeting only after we have met at least once. The best way to get an appointment is to read and respect the contact methods stated a few times in my advert. We most probably won't meet if the customer starts by saying only hello, hey or hi or by calling four times in an hour (especially when I say no calls). Meetings usually include oral sex, intercourse, kissing, cuddling, chatting, showering, undressing and getting dressed. In addition I offer a few extras. They are not extras because I just want more and more money, but I feel that they either require more preparation, are more risky and/or are services that not everyone offers. For an extra charges, I offer owo (oral without), anal sex, throatfuck and threesomes/gangbangs. I don’t have to justify or explain my pricing, but I stress that I also charge for my time and for the extras, it doesn't matter how that time is spent. I don’t limit the client’s orgasms and I don’t throw the client out even if only a quarter of an hour is used for sex. Oh how I wish summer would be warm, passionate and fun. I need to go dancing! PS. I will receive my first dose of vaccine next week. PPS. There was an article in Helsingin Sanomat today about "adult virgins," one of whom stated "If I paid for someone to be with me, I wouldn't feel accepted and eligible." I understand the idea, but in response I present the perspective of a sex worker: my consent cannot be bought with money, but with a professional sex worker one can have a valuable experience of being truly seen.

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