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How I became a sex worker

Escort, whore, hooker, sex worker, prostitute, there are many titles. I started my side business a little over 18 months ago. I read the book Ammattirakastaja by the fabulous Tiia Forsström kirby coincidence on BookBeat and realised that being a whore has been one of my biggest fantasies for as long as I can remember.

I was (still partly am) a classic Finn in that sense that for a long time I thought that I'm nothing special and no one would actually pay me to spend time with them. I have always been experimental with sex but it wasn't until I was about 30 that I had the courage to ask for what I wanted and enjoyed. The book Ammattirakastaja entered my life the perfect time, because before I had even finished, I had decided to try it out.

I remember my first customer in August (we were both supertense! It got more relaxed with a bj and laughing together at his leg that fell asleep) and as I walked home, I had this confusing mix of excitement, confidence, pride and strange shame that I almost wanted to post a picture of the money on social media with a text "I made these by fucking! I'm such a queen!). But I was also a Finn in that sense that I thought: don't flaunt it.

So that was it. At the start of 2020 I did my first incall-days just before covid-19 hit. Work slowed down, but at the same time I found colleagues, shed the last of my prejudice, started to dream about activism, started to take better care of myself, learned to respect my boundaries and my mental health, bought way too much underwear, studied tax laws and got tired of porn because I do it so much better.

So in conclusion: I'm one of those privileged finnish hookers, who didn't really need the money from sex work (even though it has been a blessing durind the pandemic) or wasn't coerced into it. I started because I was curious and interested and even though I'm more professional now since I think more about customer service for example but the fantastic, exciting aspect of being in tune with my sexuality and feeding it just right, hasn't vanished. I would never have thought that a) it would be so lovely to be with a person who has longed to be touched for so long, b) that it would be so fun to be part of making customer's fantasy come true and c) that being a whore but be such a turn-on.

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