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Desert in Dark

Practical guidelines | Etiquette


Use of condoms during intercourse is not negotiable; I carry different sized options as well as mouth guards.

Please cancel if you fall ill before the appointment.

Please shower before we meet.

If you want to finger me, 

also cut your nails.

I get tested for STD:s on

a regular basis.


I respect your privacy: I don’t call after you and I’m not interested in your private life. I hope this is mutual, so that our meeting can be a shared secret between two adults.

Please respect my schedules, the time you pay for, and my limits.

 I will take payment in cash at the start of the appointment. Paid time includes possible washing, dressing and undressing.

Please let me know if your schedule changes or you are going to be late.

What do you pay for?

The price includes most importantly my presence; how you want to spend our shared time is up to you. The selection includes mutual oral sex, gfe (kissing, caressing, chatting, cuddling) and intercourse. If you want, you can ejaculate on my body or face, slap me lightly, call me names and even command me a little.

Possible role-playing is also included in the price.

It is best to talk about the content of the meeting in advance.

I charge extra for throat and face fucking, and additional participants.

For more information, see the Prices.

What I don't offer

I won't dominate you.

My eyes or mouth must not be covered.

Pics or videos during the meeting are prohibited.

At the moment, I don't

offer anal sex.

If you have something on your mind that is not mentioned here, ask before the meeting if your wishes can be fulfilled.

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